Inniúlacht Cartlainne Meán (ICM) was set up officially in 2009 as designers and builders of archive and media portal infrastructures. Since then, ICM has continued to make advances in this field in line with best practice standards (OAI PMH, interoperability, language-specific search tools). 2012 sees ICM joining forces with wider creative talents, the creative pool known as Ard-Media. To our founding activities, now add media production and design, see our Feeds/News link.
Our raison d’être is very simply to provide a support infrastructure for Gaeilge (ISO 639-3=gle) and Gàidhlig (ISO 639-3=gla) multimedia material. This entails the creation of a contiguous portal and archive of multimedia from a language-centred viewpoint. Wider motivations and current infrastructural deficits are discussed  in greater detail.
We have created a multimedia manager, incorporating the technology from CAGG. Very importantly, the data is interoperable with other archives and is based generally on OAI PMH interoperability standards and specifically on the Europeana metadata model. We have also created a channel on the European Digital Library. This channel will host an increasing volume of ICM-hosted material in time. At the moment, version 2.0 is under development and expected this coming Autumn. At that stage, version 2.0 will be publicly visible.

In April 2012 the iTunes Store-hosted iTunes U channel was launched officially. This channel was built from scratch (hardware, software, to hosting) by ICM for NUI, Galway and COGG, http://www.cogg.ie. It is technologically parallel to to the overall multimedia project because data is supported in a comparable xml markup system and therefore have a useful degree of interoperability. Interoperability, of course, is implemented where copyright and other permissions permit.


As well as providing core infrastructural media support for institutions, universities, we can also advise smaller organisations and individuals who are looking for media managements solutions.
Whether your organisation serves university education, research, education at the primary and/or secondary levels or indirectly…museums, libraries, archives, broadcasters, outreach, we can advise you on how to achieve a presence on accessible portable platform. If you are an individual, small community group, content creator, or content owner, we offer a solutions. First and foremost, however, advice is free!